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Keynote by Dr. Peter Johnston

Engaged, Self-extending Literate Communities

Session 1 Sectional Choices:

1a) Instructional Leadership for Administrators

1b) Theory & Research Aligned to Language Workshop

1c) How to Increase Language in Interventions

1d) Ensuring Equity, Engagement, and Student Empowerment

Session 2 Sectional Choices:

2a) Long-range Sustainable Planning

2b) Classroom Talk & Children’s Literate Learning

2c) Targeted Interventions for Classroom, Interventionist, or Special Education Teachers

2d) Overview of PCL for Secondary Teachers

2e) Vocabulary Instruction for All

Session 3 Sectional Choices:

3a) Establishing a Systems Approach to CIM Intervention

3b) Lifting the Lens of Complexity on Mentor Texts: Mirrors, Windows, and Sliding Glass Doors

3c) Developing Literacy Learners through Responsive Teaching

3d) ESAIL at the Secondary Level- Across the Disciplines: Collecting Formative Data

General Session, Closing Remarks & Prizes