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Day 1
Keynote by Dr. Daniel Willingham – Self-directed Learning

Session 1 Sectional Choices:

1a) Early Literacy Strategies for Differentiating Instruction

1b) How Should I Teach Grammar?

1c) Growing Readers Through Literature Discussion Groups

1d) Scaffolding Students for Success at the Secondary Level

1e) Scaffolding Professional Development

1f) Comprehension Focus Group for RtI/Special Education Students

Session 2 Sectional Choices:

2a) What Teachers Can Discover by Analyzing Writing

2b) Rethinking Guided Reading – Book Orientation

2c) Going Deeper in Reader’s Workshop

2d-1) Books! Books! Books!

2d-2)Applying the Text Dependent Analysis (TDA) Process to Math Word Problems

2e) Everyone Deserves Impactful Feedback, Including Administrators: Methods of Receiving Feedback for Improvement

2f) Build It (with Scaffolds), and They Will Learn: How Intentional Scaffolding Can Lift the Level of Learning

Session 3 Sectional Choices:

3a) What Children Discover About Literacy Through Writing

3b) Rethinking Guided Reading- Scaffolding During the Reading

3c) My Kids are in Small Groups for Reading, but Now What? How to Teach Small Group Reading Instruction That Builds Strategic and Independent Learners!

3d-1) You had to be there! Modeling Writing

3d-2) Interactive Science Notebooks

3e) Creating an Aligned Comprehensive Assessment System: Using Triangulation of Data to Support Student Learning

3f) The WRITE Stuff: The Power of Including the Writing Phase in Your Guided Reading Plus Lesson

Day 2

Session 4 Sectional Choices:

 4a) Aligning PCL Model in 4K: Interactive Writing and Thoughtful Logs

4b) Affording Students an Opportunity to Read & Analyze Complex Texts During Small Group Instruction

4c) Empowering Teachers and Districts Through Reflective Practice

4d) Developing Conversational Leadership in Literature Discussion Groups

4e) Everyone Deserves Impactful Feedback: Feedback Strategies to Improve the Practice of Educators

4f) Aligning the Writing Aloud Intervention to the Classroom: A Scaffold for Success

Session 5 Sectional Choices:

5a & 5b) What’s New and Some All-Time Favorites in Children’s Literature

5b & 5c) Strategic Prompts Scaffold Strategic Readers: Responding to Change Over Time

5d-1) Nurturing Young Writers: Writing Conferences

5d-2) Using Technology as an Instructional Support for Literacy Across Content Areas

5e) Scaffolding CIM Training

5f) Strategic Processing Intervention for Dyslexic Readers

Session 6 Sectional Choices:

6a) Literature Discussion Groups in Kindergarten

6b & 6c) Thoughtful Logs as a Scaffold for Transfer & Independence

6d) Gradual Release of Responsibility: Using Cognitive Apprenticeship to Set Students on the Path to Mastery

6e) What is Shared Leadership?

6f) Rethinking Guided Reading Plus for CIM Interventionists

Closing Keynote by Dr. Linda Dorn:
Building Professional Capital: Collaborative Activity Within the Learning Network