Materials for the 2018 Institute will be posted here as they are available.

 Check back often as materials may be added up to the first day of the Institute!

July 16, 2018 Pre-Institute: Click on the title for handouts.

Morning Session: Overview of PCL

Afternoon Session: Overview of CIM


July 17, 2018 Sessions: Click on the title for handouts.

KEYNOTE: Dr. Daniel Willingham on the topic of Self-regulation

Session 1a: Early Literacy Strategies for Differentiating Instruction, Part I: (Owens)

Session 1b: How Should I Teach Grammar? (Buettner, Sukowatey,  Kashian)

Session 1c: Growing Readers through Literature Discussion Groups (Gordon/Stiegert)

Session 1d: Scaffolding Students for Success at the Secondary Level (Johnson/Whitmore)

Session 1e: Scaffolding Professional Development (Early/Reindl)

Session 1f: Comprehension Focus Group for RTI/Special Education Students (Martin/Stankevich)


Session 2a: Part II: What Teachers Can Discover by Analyzing Writing (Owens)

Session 2b: Rethinking Guided Reading – Book Orientation  (Soffos)

Session 2c: Going Deeper in Reader’s Workshop  (McKinley, Rice, Doyle)

Session 2d: Books! Books! Books! (Harris-Manske)

Session 2e: Everyone Deserves Impactful Feedback, Including Administrators: Methods of Receiving Feedback for Improvement (Meyer)

Session 2f: Build It (with Scaffolds), and They Will Learn: How Intentional Scaffolding Can Lift the Level of Learning (Hamilton)

Session 2g: Applying the Text Dependent Analysis (TDA) Process to Math Word Problems (Clarenbach & Heeringa)


Session 3a: What Children Discover About Literacy Through Writing (Owens)

Session 3b: Rethinking Guided Reading- Scaffolding During the Reading (Soffos)

Session 3c: My Kids are in Small Groups for Reading, but Now What? How to Teach Small Group Reading Instruction That Builds Strategic and Independent Learners! (Newton & Schobert-Bethke)

Session 3d: You had to be there! Modeling Writing (Etten)

Session 3e: Creating an Aligned Comprehensive Assessment System: Using Triangulation of Data to Support Student Learning (Blau & Lentz)

Session 3f: The WRITE Stuff: The Power of Including the Writing Phase in Your Guided Reading Plus Lesson (Hamilton)

Session 3g: Interactive (Science) Notebooks (Smith)


July 18, 2018 Sessions: Click on the title for handouts.

Session 4a: Aligning PCL Model in 4K: Interactive Writing and Thoughtful Logs (Schmit & Rear)

Session 4b: Affording Students an Opportunity to Read & Analyze Complex Texts During Small Group Instruction (Soffos)

Session 4c: Empowering Teachers and Districts Through Reflective Practice (This session is appropriate for all strands.) (Stiegert)

Session 4d: Developing Conversational Leadership in Literature Discussion Groups (Bailey & Sheskey)

Session 4e: Everyone Deserves Impactful Feedback: Feedback Strategies to Improve the Practice of Educators (Meyer)

Session 4f: Aligning the Writing Aloud Intervention to the Classroom: A Scaffold for Success (Ehlen)


Session 5a and 5b: What’s New and Some All-Time Favorites in Children’s Literature(Harris-Manske)

Session 5c: Strategic Prompts Scaffold Strategic Readers: Responding to Change Over Time (This session is appropriate for all strands.) (Jordahl)

Session 5d: Nurturing Young Writers: Writing Conferences (Etten)

Session 5e: Scaffolding CIM Training (Reindl, Knapp, Kortens, Magness, Thoreson)

Session 5f: Strategic Processing Intervention for Dyslexic Readers (Soffos)

Session 5g: Using Technology as an Instructional Support for Literacy Across Content Areas (Mortensen)


Session 6a: Literature Discussion Groups in Kindergarten (DeBot & Wintheisier)

Session 6b and 6c: Thoughtful Logs as a Scaffold for Transfer & Independence (Early & Reindl)

Session 6d: Gradual Release of Responsibility: Using Cognitive Apprenticeship to Set Students on the Path to Mastery (Hoffman & Skaar)

Session 6e: What is Shared Leadership? (Schiefelbein, Stankevich, Metras,  & Pembine Model Classroom Teachers: Anderson, Martin, & Papp)

Session 6f: Rethinking Guided Reading Plus for CIM Interventionists (Soffos)