Featured sponsorships:

Ahrens Education Group is the major sponsor for Tuesday’s lunch at the 2018, 4K-12 Comprehensive Literacy Summer Institute! The WI PCL Satellite Center is proud to showcase their publishers. Please stop by their tables and introduce yourself to Keith Ahrens and Leslye Moraski Erickson.

Premiere Level

Gifts at the premiere level will be used to offset the expenses related to operating the PCL Center. Brochures, flyers, printing ink, training session folders and handouts, anchor chart paper, name tags, and training materials such as picture books and professional texts are examples of how the corporate level donation will be used. Furthermore, gifts at the corporate level will be used as scholarships to send literacy coaches, teachers and principals to professional training in state and at the national annual literacy training in Little Rock, Arkansas.

  • Starting gift level $1,000.00
  • Gifting recognition:
    • Name, business logo, the largest font on summer institute publication, table tent recognition at the institute, website and Twitter recognition

Corporate Level

Gifts at the corporate level will be tied directly to the summer institute and other events such as the Network of Literacy Administrator’s (NLA) meeting or the monthly on-going literacy coach training. Event level donations will help offset the costs associated with hosting the event, including room rentals, equipment rental, lodging expenses for session presenters and scholarships for teacher registration.

  • Starting gift level $500.00
  • Gifting recognition:
    • Name recognition on summer institute publication, table tent, website and Twitter recognition

Business Level

Gifts at the business level will be directly used to pay for professional texts and resources for teachers, literacy coaches, and principals.

  • Starting gift level $250.00
  • Gifting recognition:
    • Name recognition on bookplates or labels on professional resources

Individual Level

Gifts at the luncheon level will be used to offset the cost of luncheons provided for professional development training.

  • Starting gift level at $100.00
  • Gifting recognition:
    • Name recognition on flyer/brochure/agenda for luncheon event

Other sponsorship opportunities:

Other donations may be tied to a specific need.  Some examples of PCL Center specific needs may be:

  • Luncheons for business and training purposes.
  • Professional development workshops for educators and administrators.
  • A set of thematically related instructional level texts to be used for training purposes.
  • Swivel robotic platforms for video recording of teaching and coaching used in professional development

For specific identified needs, the gift is labeled as a donated item with the business or individual’s name.

Non-designated Donations

  • $50
  • $100
  • $200
  • $350
  • $500
  • $1,000
  • $5,000
  • Other

Directions for Sponsorship Opportunity

Thank you for showing interest in sponsoring the PCL Center’s vision, mission, and goals to provide premier professional learning for school districts that translates into accelerated student achievement. There are several ways that you can help. Businesses and individuals are invited to explore how each gifting level supports the work at the PCL Center. Directions for submitting the tax-deductible sponsorship form are provided here. Please contact the PCL Center via email or phone for more detailed information. Donations may be respectfully declined if not aligned to the mission, vision, and goals of the Wisconsin PCL Center.

To provide your tax-deductible gift, please fill out this form and send it to us.

sponsorship   PCL Center Sponsorship form

*We only accept cash, check, or purchase orders. Unfortunately, we don’t have the ability to accept donations made by credit cards.