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Here is what attendees have to say about WI PCL Center workshops:  

“We spent some time working on interactive writing, guided reading plus, as well as read aloud.  We did some training with word sorts, phonics/phonological awareness strategies, and decoding skills as well.  The CIM training was extremely helpful for us and our students!!!  It was probably one of the best trainings I have ever attended.”       ~ Brittany Horvath, Waupun Area School District Teacher

“I felt like it was a very valuable training, and is something I use everyday with my students.   I appreciated the times Linda came out and observed, as well as demonstrated a lesson for us.”  ~ Mary Brower, Waupun Area School District Teacher

Current Workshop Offerings (Level 1 & Level 2)

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Comprehension Focus Group Level I
Writing Aloud Intervention Level 1
Level 2 Comprehension Focus Group


Past Workshops and Trainings- available upon request:
4K Workshop Offering
Comprehensive Intervention Model (CIM) Training
Literacy Processing for Special Education Teachers
Balanced Literacy in the 1st and 2nd Grade Classroom
Balanced Literacy in the 5K Classroom


Reference Material:

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Network of Literacy Administrators (NLA) and what it means for you!

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What is the PCL  Model and how does it work?