Systemic Interventions

Systemic Interventions include Reading Recovery for the lowest-achieving students and high-quality small group instruction for students who need extra help in targeted areas.

In the PCL model, interventions must align with classroom instruction. The goal of the intervention is to develop within the student, strategic behaviors and skillful knowledge that is self-directed by the student under flexible and changing circumstances. Collaboration between the interventionist and classroom teachers is necessary for accelerated student achievement. Sensitive observation, including multiple and diverse assessment types are used to determine the cutting edge of the student’s learning potential. On-going professional learning for the interventionist is critical. The Comprehensive Intervention Model offers a portfolio of evidence-based literacy interventions that are predictable, structured, and measured. They align to all tiers of the RtI framework and are part of a multi-level system of support. See the CIM Fidelity document for more information.