Become a Partner

Exploratory Process

Step 1- Peruse PCL website including the sample ESAIL reports and literacy plans. See below.

Step 2- Complete district/school readiness self-assessment. Click here.

Step 3- Select or combine an exploratory prototype. See prototypes below.

Selective Level

Select from one or more of the following options:

Affiliation Level

The affiliated level is a high level of commitment. Districts who commit to affiliation must sign the assurance documents.

Exploratory Prototypes

If after perusing the PCL website, and completing the district/school self-assessment with a satisfactory status of readiness for alignment to the PCL model, you would like to know more about whether or not the PCL Model is the right fit for your district, consider how other school districts have assessed their readiness.

  1. Read Changing Minds, Changing Schools, Changing Systems: A Comprehensive Literacy Design for School Improvement, (2015) as a book study with your leadership team.
  2. Conduct information sharing sessions with staff.
  3. Send leadership team and staff on site visits to affiliated PCL schools.
  4. Conduct consensus vote and obtain a minimum of 80% consensus to adopt PCL model.
  5. Repurpose resources to support implementation including training of literacy coach, model classroom teachers, intervention teachers, special education teachers, & administration.
  6. Focus professional development time for training classroom teachers.
  1. Contact PCL affiliated districts for a site visit.
  2. Meet with affiliated PCL district administrators to understand how the PCL model has transformed their educational system.
  3. Attend the Wisconsin PCL summer institute as a leadership team and arrange for an audience with the PCL staff and/or other administrative teams.
  4. Contact the Wisconsin PCL Center for a literacy audit with recommendations.
  1. Peruse the UALR Center for Literacy website.
  2. Contact the UALR Center for Literacy for direct training options.
  3. Contact the Wisconsin PCL Center for field support.

Other Supporting Documents